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On the use of carbon black loaded nitrogen-doped carbon aerogel for electrosorption of sodium chloride from saline water. Gloria Rasines, Pedro Lavela, Carlos Macías, M.C. Zafra, José L. Tirado, Conchi O. Ania. Electrochimica Acta 170 (2015) 154-163

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Mesoporous carbon black-aerogel composites with optimized properties for the electro-assited removal of sodium chloride from brackish water. Gloria Rasines, Pedro Lavela, Carlos Macías, M.C. Zafra, José L. Tirado, Conchi O. Ania. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 741 (2015) 42–50

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Effect of the resorcinol/catalyst ratio in the capacitive performance of carbon xerogels with potential use in sodium chloride removal from saline waterM.C.Zafra, P.Lavela,G.Rasines,C.Macias, J.L.Tirado. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 18 (2014) 2847-2856

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